Oral Prevent

Clean and Healthy

In 1990 Dr. Jens Thomsen founded the oral hygiene company Oral Prevent based in Hamburg, Germany.  As a practicing dentist with a large focus on prevention, he has always believed that oral hygiene instructions have played a vital role in treating patients and guiding them to excellent oral health.  It was his vision then to focus on quality material and functional products to educate patients of all ages.  His ergonomically designed handle has passed the test of time and is still the leading product for interdental care.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany allows Dr. Thomsen to have a watchful eye over the production and quality of these products and has given him a great deal of pride.    These brushes are continuously tested by Dr. Thomsen and his staff in the office and the ongoing feedback from patients and other dental professionals illustrates their success. 

The Future

As we move into the future Oral Prevent is convinced that (scarce) resources must be handled responsibly if the world’s economy is to remain viable in the future.  In response to this, we have begun manufacturing our interdental brushes from bio-based plastic.  This is our contribution to climate protection and reducing global warming.